Scout Travel

Client: Knog
Art Direction + Design

Say goodbye to those outdated paper tags—Scout Travel is a purpose-built marvel, combining an intelligent alarm system and a bag finder all within a sleek, compact unit. What sets it apart? Each Scout Travel tag features a printed QR code that comes to life through the Knog app, your travel companion in the digital age.

When any smartphone scans the QR code, instantly takes the finder to a personalised page showcasing your contact information. They can shoot you a message, letting you know that your trusty Scout has been found and guiding you on its retrieval. But that's not all—simultaneously, an email notification lands in your inbox, confirming the discovery and offering a message from the kind soul who located your belongings. Swift reunions, thanks to smart design.


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Our mission was clear: create an app that's user-friendly and efficient, putting control right at your fingertips. The core features, like arming and disarming your Scout, take center stage in the app, ensuring simplicity. And if customisation is your game, fear not—just a single tap opens the door to a plethora of personalisation options. With an intuitive layout catering to multiple Scouts operating concurrently, we've struck the balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Swift reunions, thanks to smart design.‍
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Where peace of mind meets the excitement of exploration.

For the campaign's overall art direction, we aimed to encapsulate the thrill and occasional frenzy of travel. Those moments when your mind is wandering elsewhere, but your luggage stays put. The visual engagement with Scout reminds viewers of the invaluable tool and app at their disposal, turning the spotlight on its significance. 

In a world of ever-evolving technology, Scout Travel stands tall, redefining the way we journey. I'm immensely proud to have been part of this voyage—crafting an experience that marries innovation, usability, and the art of visual storytelling. Scout Travel: Where peace of mind meets the excitement of exploration.

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