Scout Bike Alarm & Finder

Client: Knog
Creative Direction + Design

Scout is the world's first bicycle alarm and finder (tracker). It provides unparalleled Bike security by combining both an extremely loud 85db bike alarm function with a highly accurate bike finder utilising Apple’s ‘Find My’ network.

Once armed, any movement of a Scout fitted Bike will trigger the motion-sensitive audio alarm discouraging any further movement and alerting the bike’s owner, both by the sound of the alarm and via a notification that is automatically sent to the owner’s iPhone (when in Bluetooth range).

Scout is an offical Apple certified device and a Good Design Award Winner.

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Unlike a lot of cycling products Scout isn't just targeted to one particular user (eg road cyclist or mountain bike enthusiast), this really is a product that would benefit any cyclist. As such we decided to focus on '3 x user stories' as the main narrative within the campaign, thus allowing to showcase the multiple ways in which Scout could be used. Close up photography was used to feature the discreet in-situ Scout in a more functional view whilst video would be used to reinforced the freedom and peace of mind one would get from having a Scout installed. Importantly all visuals would need to highlight the USPs of Scout thus showing why it really is 'The Future Of Bike Security'

The Future Of Bike Security
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How do you market a discreet and simple looking device?

The beauty of Scout is that it is a discreet and simple looking device however that could be a an achilles heel when it comes to visually communicating such a product. The goal I wanted to achieve with the creative direction was to reenforce the amount of research and development that went into the design and conceptualisation of Scout (2 years in the making). A strong visual identity was formed with the use of technical CADs and sketches from the Scout designers and engineers mixed with bold clean typography and colours to highlight the USP's of Scout. The full campaign consisted of not only creative across photography, video, web + online but also an animated explainer video series and of course the Scout app that had to be approved by Apple.

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