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Client: Knog
Role: Digital Direction / UX Design

Although Knog had an existing ecommerce presence it was based on an outdated platform, only serviced a localised market and the online shopping functionality had taken a backseat. The goal in creating a new site was to design a clean and easy to use site that could facilitate international markets for both ecommerce and brand awareness purposes. The decision was made to migrate to Shopify as this had the functionality to really focus on the ecommerce side of the business across its various global markets.

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Working alongside a developer we set out to create a custom Shopify site that would satisfy all the requirements of the brief. Paring crisp lifestyle photography to communicate the brand side by side with more product-centric images that would entice visitors not only to learn more but also convert sales. Accessibility was maintained by using a small selection of colours from the Knog brand palette along with large product renders in multiple angles. The large amount of technical product information that accompanies many of the products was organised using collapsable accordions and everything was ordered into a simplified product and category hierarchy. The goal was to create a modern and clean looking yet highly functional ecommerce and brand portal that would not only inform customers about Knog's products but also have a high conversion rate.

Creating a Ecommerce and product showcase in one
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Develop, process and test.

Working in a small Agile team (me + 1 developer & marketing manager) meant we all had to pull our weight but allowed us to make informative decisions around the design and functionality of the site. I used my experience working on large brand platforms to nail down the UX and UI early to allow us to focus on the look, feel and functionality. We used previous user data and internal testing to create a site that has already proven to have strong results with high conversion rates.

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