Knog Blinder

Client: Knog
Art Direction / Editing

Knog engaged us with the exciting task of conceptualizing a campaign for their new revolutionary Blinder bike lights series, a collection tailored to cater to the distinct preferences and riding styles of diverse cyclist demographics: the urban commuter, the long-distance enthusiast, and the boundless mountain biker. Fueled by this diversity, our creative strategy came to life, capturing the very essence of cycling while highlighting the exceptional attributes of these new Blinder additions. Our guiding principle, the resounding tagline 'Harder, Faster, Brighter, Longer,' served as the cornerstone of this dynamic narrative.

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We embarked on a multi-faceted journey, crafting a series of compelling point-of-view vignettes that vividly illustrated the experiences of each cyclist archetype. These narratives weren't confined to traditional media channels; rather, they were meticulously designed to transcend boundaries, effectively engaging the viewer whether in-store, at bespoke Digital POS displays, or within the realm of EDM campaigns.

For the in-store and bespoke POS elements, we developed captivating video loops that seamlessly integrated into the retail environment. These loops, visually captivating and emotionally evocative, successfully communicated the energy and vibrancy of each riding style, regardless of the static setting. With an emphasis on continuity and engagement, the loops highlighted the Blinder lights' transformative impact on the cycling experience, thus igniting interest and fostering a deeper connection with potential customers.

Visually captivating and emotionally evocative.
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Seamlessly transitioning across multiple platforms.

In every facet of this campaign, our meticulous video edits took center stage, expertly choreographed to encapsulate the exhilarating rush of being in the saddle. These edits, characterized by their rapid tempo, skillfully echoed the dynamic spirit of each cyclist archetype, effectively conveying their distinct experiences.

The true triumph of this campaign lay in its ability to seamlessly transition across platforms, effectively catering to the diverse contexts of in-store environments, bespoke digital POS displays, and EDM campaigns. By fusing creativity with versatility, we not only communicated the unique features of the Blinder lights but also nurtured an emotional connection between cyclists and their preferred riding styles, all while igniting interest and driving engagement.

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