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Client: Honda
Digital Design + Social Editing

With the launch of the new HR-V, Honda saw a huge growth opportunity with females under 40. But these women were hating the generic approach adopted by most car brands. You know, the 20-somethings in the prime of their lives, driving through city laneways listening to music or sipping lattes. People aren’t one thing, so why do car brands treat them that way?

So, we created We’re not the Same. One actor playing eight different roles, based on eight very different real-life stories, in a tongue-in-cheek play on those “interchangeable 20-something females” typically depicted in the small SUV category.

We gathered hundreds of real stories from real Australians and created a content series highlighting how versatile the new Honda HR-V was. Some funny, some unglamorous and some downright weird. We knew that if we could bring them to life in an engaging way, we could make Honda feel more relatable and more human.

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‘As different as the people who drive it’ defined the entire strategic approach of the HR-V through to media, with the eight stories becoming the basis for a sophisticated content journey that matched individuals’ interests with relevant HR-V features. Connecting with a female audience in a category that usually lumps them all together and treats them the same requires a different approach to the usual car buying journey. We listened, planned and then engaged them with relevant content and information.

Listening, planning and engaging
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Utilising a comprehensive campaign ecosystem

Smart utilisation of a comprehensive campaign ecosystem including TV, social and digital drove 100+ permutations of the campaign. Through deep research and data collection, a potent and highly targeted media program was then formed with Honda’s. The digital and social drove people through to Honda's website where a bespoke landing page was created to inform customers about the features and options of the new HRV as well as book a local test drive.

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