Fin For a Fin

Client: Glide Fins
Agency Leo Burnett
Digital + Motion Design

Fin For A Fin is a global social enterprise and symbol that represents the coexistence of surfers and sharks. Applied directly to surf fins, the logo is intentionally designed to act as a visual signal that alerts authorities to a surfer's wishes for a shark not to be killed in retaliation to an attack. Further extended across brand collateral, the design system enables all conservationists to share their support for the protection of sharks.

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The FIN FOR A FIN registry captures the surfer's wishes on a global database. so next of kin and authorities know the surfer wants the shark protected. When there’s a fatal shark attack, revenge is taken. And it’s done without the surfer’s wishes ever truly being known, as there’s no way for them to communicate it. FIN FOR A FIN is a social enterprise surf brand that believes in the coexistence of sharks and surfers. The specially marked surf fins alert authorities to a surfer’s wishes for the shark not to be killed in the event of an attack. As sometimes the fin is the only thing that survives. Profits fund shark alert technology and shark behaviour education.

Creating a cycle of coexistence. Not killing.‍
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The surfer's wishes are recorded on a global database.

Shark killing is a divisive issue across the world. FIN FOR A FIN gives a voice to surfers who want to publicly declare their stance on the protection of sharks, even in the wake of tragedy. And in doing so, is empowers them to fund a safer and healthier ocean. When surfers purchase the special Glide fins their names are recorded on the website we created as a pledge to retain the sharks life in the event of an attack.

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