Bonds Mash Up

Client: Bonds
Digital / Motion Design

Millennial girls live to express themselves; they value exploring their own style over following trends. So we built a responsive digital experience using cutting-edge Three.js and WebGL, that allowed girls to mash hundreds of patterns and create a bra and undie combo that was all their own. Users could shop their favourite combos as well as share their creations with friends.

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Launching through film, social and online, users were driven directly through to our Mash Up site. Built using cutting-edge Three.js and WebG, the multiple layered and responsive digital experience looped to allow users to mash, mix and clash hundreds of pattern combos within seconds. Making every viewing experience totally unique.

Making every viewing experience totally unique
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Seamlessly mash up patterns

To encourage exploration, users could instantly and seamlessly mash up patterns by tapping anywhere on the screen. Or they could select their favourite designs from the pattern grid which gave live feedback on every mash up. Users could shop their favourite looks at any time as well and share their creations via their social channels.

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